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Class of 2016 Inductees
Kyle Cherry
Eliana Rozinov
Madison Foglio
Lauren Merola
Kimberly Te
Elizabeth Boyle
Jean Kendall

Welcome to Silver M Society

Please join us for our 2018 Annual Luncheon:

Sunday June 24th, 1:00PM at La Coquille Restaurant in Manhasset


About The Silver M Society

The Silver M Society is an organization set up over 80 years ago to honor both students and teachers for their years of dedication to Manhasset Public Schools.

The student Silver M requirements are 3 years minimum of each category: Sports, Clubs, Government, Arts, and Volunteering. However, that is not all. The students must display a positive image for other students. As one Silver M Alumni said : "when you think of Manhasset High School, the student's name should appear".

The teacher Silver M requirements are quite similar to the students. These teachers cannot only be considered the best in their field, but must perform additional services to the students. They can coach, run clubs, direct plays, or volunteer their time to better the students.

Richard Bennett '99
Joshua Klainberg '90
Finance Chair
Patrick Bennett '03
Lukasz Mosakowski '08
Jennifer Aitken '11
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